The Impact of Generative AI on Society

Just finished Andrew Ng's course on Generative AI for Everyone. It's a great intro to Large Language Models, plus it covers ethical implications and fears of AI.

Insights from Brighton Ruby 2023 Talks

I attended the Brighton Ruby Conference 2023. Great people and interesting talks. Here are my takeaways from all the talks.

Zsh without Oh My Zsh

BrightonRuby 2023 - All the talks

Public Key Encryption simply explained

Asymmetric encryption versus symmetric encryption explained in simple words.

What's in your toolbox?

How to choose the skills to put in your Software Engineer toolbox.

Sequel vs ActiveRecord

Sequel and Active Record have crucial differences. So let's have a look at them.

My naive SEO mistakes you should avoid

I have neglected the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization, and this blog ended up very low on the Google search results. So here is what I am doing now to boost its visibility.

Is Ruby and Rails still relevant in 2022?

Some facts about Ruby and its relevance in the coming years.

How to make peace with Ruby on Rails and code happily

A few ideas from various articles and videos to keep your Ruby on Rails applications easy to maintain.

From Ruby to Golang - This is what surprised me

10 practical differences between Ruby and Go

Eighteen questions to check your Kubernetes knowledge

Test your "kube-knowledge" with these basic questions on the most popular container orchestrator.

Six of my favorites Blogs and Podcasts

A short list of blogs and podcasts that I enjoy to read and listen.

Why I practice and enjoy Test Driven Development

Why I write test before to code, and why I think you should do the same.

Drama class adventure with Artman

My experience with the Artman English group. No bits and bytes involved, just people, communication and emotions.

Code smells

Short and easy introduction to Bad smells in code.

17 questions to test your SQL knowledge

A few questions to help you practice SQL and to give you an idea about your competence level in SQL.

Essential things to know about Docker

Essential things to know about Docker, which I wrote to help me not to forget the important concepts.

Why bother to learn Docker?

A few reasons why the developers should learn Docker.

Time to (re) learn SQL

How I'm brushing up my knowledge of SQL.

Learning strategy

A few strategies I use to learn new things.

Chatting about big data

Chatting with my imaginary friend about Big data.