I am based in London, my contrat as Ruby Engineer-contractor for the Ministry of Justice terminated on October.

I am open to join a new team and work on projects. I am mainly interested in Government, E-learning and Health care projects.

Now I am focused on the doing interviews, which is a pretty demanding job per se: job descriptions research and filtering, applications, phone calls with recruiters, writing cover letters and CV, coding tests, video calls.

I am learning a lot about companies, their values and how they interview, I am getting better on it.

Due to the Cov19, I am working fully remote. I adapted well to the new arrangement. I think the benefits of working remotely outweigh the few disadvantages.


In my last role at the Ministry of Justice, my Team used Kubernetes, I was doubtful at the beginning (yet another DevOps tool!), but then I understood what is the problem it tries to solve. I am learning Kubernetes using online courses on Udemy and Manning, and experimenting with Minikube creating local clusters on my laptop.

Free time

I got a pretty basic work out routine: 3 times per week I either run or I do basic callisthenics exercises for 30 min in various parks in Wimbledon (London).

Updated on 18 October 2020

This is a now page. It was inspired by Derek Sivers.