I am teaching Python and Microbits to a group of young people (10 and 11 years old). I'm hosting a session every two weeks and am having fun, and the kids too.

A friend is helping to follow the kids, and a coworking space in Wimbledon, London (Wimbletech) kindly provides the open space room for the sessions.


I am interested in Kotlin in this period. I've recently attended an online course. I am solving the Kotlin Koan.

I am also thinking about a small project to start that allows me to practice what I am learning and potentially be helpful to me and someone.


I am working on an HMRC project that concerns Trade Tariffs. I started it in September 2021 and am still enjoying it. The project is complex, but I am happy to be part of it, and the team is clever and friendly.

Updated on 07 Jun 2022

This is a now page. It was inspired by Derek Sivers.