I live in London with my family and am working as a freelancer SW Engineer.

Now, I am working at Funding Circle - one of the largest peer to peer online lending marketplace.

Due to Cov19, my work is fully remote. I adapted well to the new situation, and I think the benefits of remote work outweigh the few downsides.


After learning the basic of Go language, I moved my attention to other languages able to compile for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine.

Clojure is an appealing language, purely functional, minimal syntax, and it stretches the way I think about programming.

Kotlin is pleasant to work with, like Ruby, but it is compiled and ensures type safety. Also, there are lots of job opportunities.

Since I am still undecided I've bought the books Clojure for the brave and true and Kotlin in Action.

Free time

In good weather, I am enjoying going to the parks with my kids, and hitting the gym.

After practising piano solo, I decided to hire a piano teacher, so I'll be more committed and hopefully make good progress.

Updated on 27 June 2021

This is a now page. It was inspired by Derek Sivers.