I live in London with my family and am working as a freelancer SW Engineer.

Now, I am working at Funding Circle - one of the largest peer to peer online lending marketplace.

Due to Cov19, my work is fully remote. I adapted well to the new situation, and I think the benefits of remote work outweigh the few downsides.


Go is a new language from Google that is earning a lot of attention. I am learning the basic of it these days. I wrote a post about the differences between Go and Ruby: From Ruby to Golang

Even if I've worked for many companies, I know very little about how companies work, so I started reading the book Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman.

Free time

I bought a skateboard a couple of weeks ago, and I am practicing it with my 10yo son, in the parking space near home.

I am learning piano with an app called Simply piano, I started a few months ago.

Updated on 31 January 2021

This is a now page. It was inspired by Derek Sivers.