I decided to start working as freelance Ruby Engineer On February.

I have signed a contract with the Minister of Justice, and I am currently working in a project called PECS (Prisoner Escort and Custodian Services).

I'm really enjoying working for Government projects. It makes me happy to think that my effort is helping people to access Government services.

Due to the spreading of Cov19, I've started working full remote from home. My two children started home schooling, fortunately my wife is taking care of them so I can focus on my new job.


At the very end of 2019, I finally got the Google Professional Data Engineer certification. I had not previous experiences with Big Data, so it was not easy at all. I failed 2 times! but after 6 months of study I succeded on the 3th attempt. I was so excited to have achieved it!

Now I've just started studying Kubernetes, the open-source orchestration system. The project I am currently working is using it, and many companies are looking forward to adopt it.


Apart from the job, I'am spending my time playing and other activities with my children. We are now learning and playing with the Rubik's Cube.

I do exercise 2 or 3 times per week. I run 30 min and I do some push ups and pull ups in the various park in Wimbledon (London).

Updated on 22 March 2020

This is a now page. It was inspired by Derek Sivers.