Software developers love programming languages and tech in general. They love to code intelligent solutions with the languages they know, and they get excited when there is a chance to learn a new language (apart from Javascript :D and some old programming languages).

It is good to keep an eye on other languages and understand the best use cases for those, but is it the best thing to do for your career?

Often, a better understanding of business logic and operations, gives you an edge inside the company.

Spending more time studying - and not just fast reading - documentation and articles about the business field, and understanding the actors and processes would've made me more valuable for the project I was working on.

Once I spent six months getting a Google GCP Data professional certification. I wanted to be more valuable to the company (and gain more skills). But during that period, I lost focus and energy for the project I was working on. I didn't pass the exam the first time, so I stayed focused on studying data engineer, and eventually, I was removed from that project. (Ironically, a few days after that, I passed the exam and got the GCP professional certification, but I've never applied that knowledge)

Lesson learned: feel free to explore new technologies, but always stay in sync with the company and the project you work on.

- 04 Jan 2023 -