My first computer was an Intel 286 with a heavy CRT 14" screen.

I loved it! In my 15 I used to spend my time learning to write code in Turbo Pascal and playing Golden Axe and Prince of Persia.

I was lucky to find out what I wanted to do in life in my teens. I wanted to be a programmer.

Many years later I graduated in Computer Science in Catania (Italy), then I moved to Milan to start my career in SW Development.

My first working experiences were not what I expected, I didn't quite like the working culture in Milan, so after two years I left Italy to gain more experience abroad.

In 2012 I ended up working in a small and cool startup called SkyDox, in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). One year later the startup joined a bigger company in London, Workshare, so I moved to the big city.

I still live in London, it gives many opportunities and I am happy to be here.

I have worked in small and big startups, and in major Government projects (UK). I am currently working as a contractor for the Ministry of Justice.

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I live with my wife and two children in south-west London. I love spending my time with them, especially playing outdoor in various parks in London, and trying to keep them away from the TV, Tablet and Smartphone.


My work out activities is pretty simple: I go running or do basic calistenics excercize at least 3 times per week.

My diet is almost vegetarian, I rarelly eat meat or fish. I found on the Web there is a name for it: reducetarian.


I usually read two kinds of books:

  • Technical books about Coding and software development.
  • Non-fiction books about self-improvement and business.

I also attend various online courses at Udemy and Coursera.

In 2019 I spent 1 hour every day, for 6 months, to study Data Engineering, Big data and Machine Learning, at the end I achieved the Google Professional Data Engineer certification.

I am constantly focused on improving my English speaking and writing skills.

To improve my speaking I attended a drama course for non-native English speakers at Artman English. It was a playful and formative experience, here is my story drama class adventure.

To know what I am doing at the moment visit my /now page.