What you read and listen are input for your brain, are ideas that your brain process, without you realize it or not.

This is a short list of blogs and podcasts that I enjoy to read and listen.

Akimbo by Seth Godin - Podcast

Akimbo is the new podcast from Seth. Marketing, cultural changes and compelling stories told with pithy logic and genuine passion.

Seth is a great storyteller and in each episode of Akimbo I learn something new.

Derek Sivers - Blog

I enjoy reading Derek's blog, his posts are short but deep. No fuzzy thoughts there, clear language and opinionated point of view.

Not many posts at the end of the 2018, since Derek is busy to complete a couple of new books and moving to Oxford from Singapore (see its now page).

Many of the old posts are really insightful and I love reread them.

Derek also maintains a long list of detailed notes from the last 250+ books he has read. I often check if my next book to read is on the Derek's book list. It is like asking Derek what he thinks about a it.

Scott Young - Blog

Months ago I took the online course Learning how to lean by Barbara Oakley. In one of the extra videos, Barbara interviewed Scott Young, a surprising guy who graduated in MIT’s 4-year undergraduate computer science curriculum, in just 12 months, without taking any classes.

Since then I started to read his blog. He writes about how he approaches his learning challenge projects, self improvement and learning tips.

The Tim Ferriss show - Podcast

In this podcast Tim interviews men and women that clearly reached *success *(any of its many forms).

I like the format of his interviews, conversational but in-depth. Tim is not in a hurry, his interviews can last  more that 2 hours.

Some of my favorite interviews are those with Seth Godin, Kevin Kelly , Derek Siver, David Heinemeier Hansson (the creator or Ruby on Rails).

I do not listen every episodes, sometimes I am not interested in the topic or in the guest.

Mark Manson - Blog, Podcast

I found out Mark's Blog after I read his bestseller The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fck, that is one of *the best book I've read about how to make your life better.

Along with the blog I also found his podcast, which is based on the audio post from the blog, read by Mark himself. That is great, so I can listen Mark on my phone when commuting to work.

Mark's articles are really distant from most of the self-help books that teach you "how to be happy". He often states that it is ok to be unhappy and upset sometimes, that unhappiness is part of being human.

I like his blunt style used to talk about depression, relationships and  life choices.

If you like the book you'll love the blog/podcast, and viceversa.

James Clear - Blog

James writes about health, productivity and how to create good habits that last. He writes compelling stories and easy-to-understand theory to support his arguments.

His articles are helping me to create good habits, like reading everyday, maintain a journal and exercise.

This month (Jan 2019) I bought his new book Atomic  Habits, which is in the list of my next readings.

Many thanks to all the authors of the mentioned blog and podcasts for the effort and commitment they put on their articles and podcasts.