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Acrobyte Ltd is a small and agile Web Development agency.

I am the director and lead developer, specialising in designing and coding web solutions.

I am skilled in Ruby on Rails (RoR) and other frameworks. RoR is used by many start-ups, and the UK government uses it extensively.

Python is another flexible language which I like to use. This website is written in Python and the framework Flask, for example.


I have collaborated on many mid-sized and large Web projects. Some of the most significant are:

UK Government:

  • HMRC
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Department of Education


  • Funding Circle: UK-based peer-to-peer lending company
  • Smart Pension: online pensions and investment
  • Workshare (acquired by Litera): document sharing and collaboration

How I can help

If you are a recruiter (internal or external), you can hire me as a Software engineer contractor. Contact me and tell me about the needs of your customer's project.

If you own a small start-up and want to build a Web app to develop your idea, I can help you implement an efficient Web solution, hiring new devs and training junior devs. I usually work in a two-week sprint agile style. Focusing on delivering the features that give the most value to the users.

I also focus on training junior developers on Ruby technologies. There is a need for more Ruby developers. There are so many projects to maintain and ideas to realise. That's why I am happy to train junior developers who know a language like Java or Python and need to transition to Ruby to support their companies and challenge themselves to learn a new language and framework.

Ruby is often considered a simple language. But there is much more than knowing the syntax. To mention the essential skills of a junior Ruby, they must have good Ruby knowledge basics of OOP basics of Ruby on Rails RESTful APIs relational databases and ActiveRecord basics of Test Driven Development

Acrobyte Network

To deliver high-quality software on a wider variety of technologies, Acrobyte collaborates with senior developers skilled in PHP and Javascript, as well as front-end developers and web designers.


Acrobyte is based in the dynamic coworking space Wimbletech in Wimbledon (London).

Contact me at:


For recruiters or companies, please provide some information about the job opportunity.

For startuppers, describe briefly the web app you have in mind.

I'll reply in less than 24 hours.