Chatting about big data

Chatting with my imaginary friend about about Big data.

Learning strategy

A few strategies I use to learn new things.

Time to (re) learn SQL

How I'm brushing up my knowledge of SQL.

Why bother to learn Docker?

A few reasons why the developers should learn Docker.

Essential things to know about Docker

Essential things to know about Docker, which I wrote to help me not to forget the important concepts.

17 questions to test your SQL knowledge

A few questions to help you practice SQL and to give you an idea about your competence level in SQL.

Code smells

Short and easy introduction to Bad smells in code.

Drama class adventure with Artman

My experience with the Artman English group. No bits and bytes involved, just people, communication and emotions.

Test Driven Development

Why I write test before to code, and why I think you should do the same.

Six of my favorites Blogs and Podcasts

A short list of blogs and podcasts that I enjoy to read and listen.