Hi, I'm Alessandro De Simone and I'am Italian, and since 2012 live in London, working for IT companies.

I graduated in Computer Science in Catania (Italy), then I moved to Milan to start my career as software developer. I didn't quite like the working culture there, so after a while I left Italy to gain more experience abroad. In 2012 I ended up working in a startup in London.

I moved to London because it gives lots of opportunity to software Engineers and I like the culture that is common in many startups.

I live with my wife and two children. I love spending my time with them, especially outdoor in various parks in London.


In London I've worked as Ruby Engineer in different companies, the last four are:

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What's important for me


I try to spend quality time with my children, and push them to activities that keep them away from the TV/Tablet/Smartphone. Not always I'm successful :)


I like to stay fit, but I don't like to spend my time in indoor gym. I prefer running and work out in the parks, usually in the morning.


I usually read two kinds of books:

Events are great learning experiences. Two recent events that I attended and really enjoyed are:

I'm constantly interested in improving my English speaking and writing skills.

To improve my speaking I attended a drama course for non-native english speakers at Artman English. It was a great experience, here is my story drama class adventure.

To know what I am doing at the moment visit my /now page.

In this blog I'll write about things I am learning and am interested in.

Writing this blog is for me a good way to practice my writing skills and organize my thoughts. I'll write it with love and care and hope you'll find it useful.

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